"CERTIFICATION" as an ASI Interviewer / Assessor (C-ASI)

What "CERTIFICATION" means to us here at ASItraining.com, and ASITrainingOnline.com and what it means to most states, counties, drug courts, and other organizations is very different.

Hundreds of counselors, social workers and research assistants call us and say, "my state, county, drug court etc., require us to be certified to use the ASI". When asked, what does that mean, or what criteria does your state, county, drug court, etc., require of you to become "CERTIFIED", they respond, "we have to submit evidence we received training on the ASI".

The word "CERTIFICATION" commonly used by states, counties, drug courts, and other organizations means to be "APPROVED". An individual is "APPROVED" to use the ASI. Interviewers and assessors submit evidence that they have been trained and are placed on a list of APPROVED" interviewers and assessors.

While this is certainly better than no requirements at all, there is little to no emphasis on whether a training participant actually learned how to use the instrument. As a matter fact, there is no emphasis on whether or not the training is evidence-based and/or effective. This has resulted in hundreds and hundreds of "APPROVED" interviewers and assessors administering the instrument to real clients, without any real evidence they know how to.

"CERTIFICATION" to us here at ASI training.com, and ASITrainingOnline.com means an individual has received training and has demonstrated; 1.) they have acquired the knowledge necessary to administer the instrument correctly, and 2.) they have submitted evidence i.e., an audio tape of an actual interview and/or participated in a telephone interview, demonstrating they can administer the instrument correctly. Therefore, if you need to demonstrate you have received training in order to become "APPROVED", we can provide you the training online or onsite, and evidence that you have successfully completed it.

If you wish to be "CERTIFIED" as defined above, we can do that too. The requirements are listed below. Contact us to discuss them. 516 - 775 - 4849.

We here at ASItraining.com, and ASITrainingOnline.com look forward to a day in the Behavioral Health Care field, when evidence of "LEARNING", and not simply attendance is required to receive CEU's, become "APPROVED and/or "CERTIFIED".

To become a certified ASI Interviewer individuals are required to;

1.) Complete, pass and/or submit all pre, post and follow up learning measures, knowledge and skill self assessments, and learning contracts that are included in the ASI E - Course.

2.) Submit for evaluation an audio tape of an interview conducted utilizing the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), along with a completed paper version of the interview including all notes, comments and impressions.

3.) Using a paper version of the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) code and rate a telephone interview you will conduct with one of our ASI interviewing experts. Scan and send completed coded version of the interview including all notes, comments and impressions.

All learning and competency measures will be evaluated. Written and verbal feedback will be provided regarding each measure. Interviewers must successfully complete and pass all learning and competency measures.

Certification is good for a one year period, at which time individuals are required to successfully complete all declarative and procedural learning measures again, and participate in a schedule telephone interview with one of our ASI interviewing experts. Re-certification is at a reduced rate.

NOTE: Completion of all measure does not guarantee certification.
Individuals who are not successful at achieving certification, may submit an additional audio tape for review, and participate in an additional telephone interview within three months, and at a reduced rate.

CONTACT US to discuss the process, requirements and costs 516 - 775 - 4949
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