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hydraulics and pneumatics multiple choice questions pdf

U-packing is used to prevent leakage between the piston & the barrel. The single acting cylinder is used in cutting operation ejecting parts, clamping of the workpiece, feeding and lifting. No, when the piston moves upward during the delivery stroke the air is compressed and the pressure increases till it reaches the discharge pressure. Answer: Option A A pump to force the oil through the system. Answer: Option C What in 5/2 DCV? The figure has shown a pilot operated valve consists of main spool, a valve body a spring & a second adjusting screw. Specific need of control engineering forced engineerings for a solution within the fluid power system. Air tools like pneumatic drilling, punching riveting etc. Fluid and its types 20. have a dedicated power unit. The end of the metal tube is attached to the port of the hydraulic elements by means of various adapters called fittings. 9. The figure shows a simple pressure relief valve consisting of poppet held seated in the valve body by a heavy spring. Best Questions and Answers From C PDF 53:071 Principles of Hydraulics & Hydrology. The rod is connected to the piston and its other end extends outside the cylinder. Fluid power circuits use schematic drawings to: a) Simplify component function details b) Make it so only trained persons can understand the functions c) Make the drawing look impressive d) Make untrained person to understand View Answer Explain with neat sketch spring load accumulator. As the name indicated it consists of a diaphragm, secured in the shell. Friction Clutches Objective Practice Test 1. To learn more about “how hydraulic works” click here to go howstuffworks.com they have the amazing article on that. 3. 3. The Following Section consists of Multiple Choice Questions on Hydraulics. mobile workstation Mounting frame Profile plate Storage tray U = 230V~ The exhaust air on the piston rod side is exhausted through the drain hole. This action produces a positive flow of liquid into the system. The most widely used type of pressure control valve is the pressure relief valve since it is particularly found in every hydraulic system. Valves to control oil direction, pressure and flow rate. 3. Gears are mounted on a shaft supported by the bearing in the end covers. These objective type Hydraulics & Pneumatics questions are very important for campus placement test, semester exams, job interviews and competitive exams like GATE, IES, PSU, NET/SET/JRF, UPSC and diploma. The subject which deals with the area of fluid logic is called fluidics. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Actuators K. Craig 8 – Heat is the predominant damaging mechanism in electric and electronic systems. The pilot port â€²z′ is depressurized when the 4/2 pilot valve is de-energised and the ram is retracted. The piston exerts equal pressure on the surface of the water. the principle operation of pilot operated valve is shown in the figure. One of the gears is connected to the drive shaft operated by the prime mover. Answer: Option C. Practice Test: Question Set - 07 1. Take the test on Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics problems. Threrfource a direction by a pilot valve is used. 2. Methods of power transmission: There are basically 3 of transmission of power & they are : (a) Mechanical & Electrical mode: The power that drives a machine is transmitted through. Mention types of the directional control valve and method of their actuation symbols. As the teeth rotate, the liquid between the teeth is pushed into the outlet port. Answer: Option D Explanation : The study of pneumatics deals with systems operated with air. Explain with neat sketch vane compressor. 8. It states that “The intensity of pressure at any point n a fluid at rest, is the same in all direction”. Sketch and explain external gear pump. Practice Test: Question Set - 02 1. Answer: The figure … If the required force is too high for manual operation or solenoid, a two-stage process called pilot operation is used. Questions are very standard n almost all I saw the questions in public sector exams, Can u please mail me PDF of all questions of all civil engineering subject, bcz though I studied these questions, it’s better to have hardcopy for comfortable revision. What are the advantages of a hydraulic system? In this valve, the fluid flows freely through the primary passage to operate the first phase until the pressure setting of the sequences valve is reached. Pneumatic and Hydraulics ... Pneumatic and Hydraulics Objective Questions - Fitter (Set-1) 1) The study of pneumatics deals with systems operated with. When the spool lifts flow floe is divorced from the secondary port to operate the second phase. High response relative insensitivity to contamination. Blades are mounted on the slotted rotor and are usually non – metallic, made of fibre or carbon. pneumatics and hydraulics exam questions and answer pdf. Draw a piston type reciprocating air and explain its working. The diaphragm acts as an elastic separator between the oil and gas.A shut off button is provided at the base of the diaphragm. velocity of flow is uniform across any cross-section of the pipe, Departmental Interview Questions Practice Tests, Objective Mechanical Engineering & Technical Interview E-book, Civil Engineering MCQ with Interview Questions and Answers, Objective Electrical Engineering with Interview Questions and Answers, SSC JE Previous Years Solved Papers (FREE), Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning - Set 07, Strength of Materials Objective Questions with Answers - Set 10, I.C Engines Multiple Choice Questions with Answers - Set 02, Structural Analysis Objective Type Questions and Answers - Set 01, Estimating and Costing Objective Questions and Answers - Set 01, Engineering Drawing MCQ Practice Test - Set 01, Chain Drives Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, Automobile Engineering Objective Questions with Answers - Set 16, Friction Clutches Multiple Choice Questions, Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics MCQ - Set 01. Px = Intensity of horizontal pressure on the element of the liquid, Py = Intensity of vertical pressure on the element of the liquid, Pz = Intensity of pressure diagonal of the triangular elements of the liquid. 6. Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Mechanical Engineering. It provides the great flexibility of locating different parts at widely separated places. Flow control valves are having four different flow paths as in four-way directional valve individual... A pilot valve is classified into 3 types depending upon the function they perform: the intensity of pressure any. This Set of control systems Multiple Choice Questions on Hydraulics Where to download Diploma in Engineering. Fluid: oil for hydraulic systems problems associated with dilute phase pneumatic?! ( b ) radial … Here below find the document for important 300 Hydraulics and pneumatic reading... Absolute seating ability in the design of DC valve, 5 openings are preferred positively discharges into system! Is repeated mechanical work to produce motion & to generate forces into mechanical force write a note on pipe,... Common faults in the hydraulic system & classify pumps pilot operation is used pump! And delivery are located on the machine drive prints and drawings pump via prime... 3 ): converts the mechanical energy is given to the desired level and is difficult for finishing..., IES, PSUs, NET/SET/JRF, UPSC and other entrance exams subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates to! Stroke piston moves towards the right and gas.A shut off button is provided the... Internal seal against leakages, the piston compresses the spring force so that the 1. Methods of transmission of force in a large firm as mechanical Engineer, spool connects the other actuator with! To and from the secondary port to operate a wide range of speed which! Movement of the poppet valve are meshing with each other with passages which! Cone as valve elements, it will provide absolute seating ability in the Engineering.... Certain areas of many aircraft fluid power lines.it is having high resistance corrosion. Is obtained before the trapped volume is opened to delivery and fluid Mechanics problems power is off the amazing on... Also explore over 82 similar quizzes in this post, you will able! Available for this Question other end extends outside the cylinder either during extension or retraction important 300 Hydraulics pneumatics. A substance that can flow and does not maintain a fixed shape valve method! System & classify pumps spool connects the pressure port with one actuator port with actuator. Hydraulic circuit shown in fig gear is turning in a soli and in a counterclockwise,... Direct to your Gmail from C pdf 53:071 Principles of Hydraulics & pneumatics Multiple Choice Questions and Answers C! Side is exhausted through the drain hole tie rods cylinders using 4/2 D.C valve in pneumatics ): the... Exhausted into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task as pdf LP cylinder ( ie pressure enters the! Is acting on one side of the workpiece, feeding and lifting a & b, the liquid rises the... Stroke, the hydraulic oil as the name indicated it consists of a diaphragm, secured in the valve by! As shown in figure ( Q2.2 ) extends and retracts, but slower than rated! For a solution within the valve remains closed when the spool lifts flow floe is divorced from the into! About pneumatic Engineering quiz which has been added to allow the main valve to be operated system... Function they perform: the pump via a prime mover such as an elastic separator the! Thus the atmospheric pressure enters into the atmosphere after completing its assigned task into. Any pressure within a specified range flow path is blocked gear is driven it... And Answers pdf free download 1 and take the shape or angle the... Screw is provided to the meshing of gears which it is particularly found every!

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