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weiser premis wont lock

If needed, you can add a user code directly at the lock without using the app. For best results, the Premis lock should be within 40 feet of an Apple TV® (4th generation or later) with Apple TV® with tvOS 11 or later. It means that Kevo Convert was unable to extend the deadbolt and your door was not locked. On my Powerbolt 2, The door can be locked with the Lock button, but the User Code will not unlock the door. Read More 2. 11:00pm Last check before bed. Weiser premis Smart Lock (review) 26th May 2018 13th June 2018 Kevin Patenaude 716 Views smart lock, weiser. You can easily check lock activity and lock status using your Premis app. SHARES. Page 8 When you are within Bluetooth range of your lock, you can use Siri commands to lock and unlock your door. Premis at a Glance; ... Verify that the lock can be operated smoothly with the key while the interior is removed. So, recently we got ourselves a new ‘Smart Lock’ from Kwikset/Weiser – The Premis. 4. In-Home Locking and Unlocking. Note: If no user codes are programmed, the door cannot be locked via touchscreen. Press Lock symbol. Security features include Weiser’s SmartKey Security and patented SecureScreen Technology to prevent against both common and advanced break-in methods; Remotely monitor lock status, remotely lock or unlock the deadbolt, manage authorized lock users, generate up to 250 user codes and schedule or revoke guest access through the app Check the status of your lock and lock it from your iPhone. Use the Premis app to create and manage user codes. This is a ‘bolt jam’ alert. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Weiser Premis Touchscreen Smart Lock Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Electronic Deadbolt Featuring SmartKey, Satin Nickel (9GED22000-001) at Amazon.com. Locking the Door Auto-Lock SecureScreen™ 1. Each code must be between 4 and 8 digits. HomeKit™ requires iOS 11 or later on the following devices: iPhone® 5S or newer iPad® 4 or newer iPad® Mini 2 or newer; iPod touch® 6th gen or newer Make sure the User Code is correct and that the Lock button is pushed after entering the User Code. Attempt to rotate the turnpiece to the vertical position. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Remove the lock … Already upstairs in bed but can't remember if you locked your front door? Once your phone is within Bluetooth range of the lock, the app will receive and store the new user code. Share Tweet. The Premis lock can store up to 30 user codes. The Auto-Lock feature automatically re-locks your door 30 seconds after unlocking. At the end of your day, you can rest knowing all is well. Install the interior cover on the interior assembly, making sure to align the turnpiece with the shaft. Activate the screen. Download the Premis app and pair your lock to your phone Download the Premis app from the App Store. This happens when the door was not shut properly and the deadbolt could not fully extend into the strike hole. Call technical support for further troubleshooting. If the latch being used is from an older lock, it will likely not have a tapered latch bolt. If the door still won’t unlock, use a key to unlock the door. This feature is off by default, but you may enable it inside the Premis app. See the supplied SmartKey Re-key instructions for more information. The Premis deadbolt requires a tapered latch bolt for ease of operation.

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