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RECORDS MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST For All StAFF Do you know who the records officer is for your area? Are there set responsibilities around who is authorized to preform disposition approval reviews? During inventory, it is useful to ask: What are your organizational records and where are they stored? How have access controls been set? These should cover records storage, timetables, and roles clearly defining who does what. … “Records management is responsible for the efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records, including processes for capturing and maintaining evidence of and information about business activities and transactions in the form of records”. Records Management Self-Assessment. Managing government records in today’s world requires that your organization is both prepared and agile, especially during these turbulent times. This requires maintenance, monitoring, and adjusting the process if necessary. Contact us with your questions or download our free brochure below to learn more about how you can easily achieve RM compliance in the Cloud with our data lake solution, Collabspace: hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(3341329, 'b6625181-5e06-4ab2-a41a-daab2679a986', {}); Register for RIM Tips & Tricks, Industry News & more! Pages. RIF records management checklist The departing employee’s manager should coordinate with IT and information security to properly secure the departing employee’s business email, Office365 access, and other electronically stored information so that there is … For example, patient medical records, billing information and cost reports are areas that should be guided by clear healthcare records management policies and … RECORDS MANAGEMENT CHECKLIST Step 1 of 4: Management and organisational records management 1.1 Records management organisation Your business has defined and allocated records management responsibilities. It is recommended that NSW public offices identify any statutory requirements which apply to the records, information or data that will be created and stored in … section i - program management . NARA is committed to continuing to work with Federal agencies to strengthen their records See how Collabware can increase collaboration, productivity and compliance within your organization... Toll Free: 1-855-268-0442 Local: 778-724-1812 contact@collabware.com, SharePoint Records Management Outlook SharePoint Connector eDiscovery & Archive, Part 1: Create and document a compliant process, c)  Consider Legal and Regulatory Requirements, After a simple, well documented process has been created, you must stick with it to truly ensure compliance. Have records managers and any other relevant users been given appropriate access and permissions for the content? Complete the appropriate Records Management audit checklist, ensuring where necessary that documentary evidence, including outcome of any compliance testing, is appended. This is often a more economical choice, in terms of costs and space, than storing these documents on-site. This Records Management Plan sets out the arrangements in place for managing records, in line with the 14 elements identified within the Keeper’s Model Records Management Plan. This isn't the first blog post to iterate how critical it is to have a compliant RM program. Use this checklist as a reference to make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to proper document management. Some questions to ask  when building a secure process: Where is your information stored? How to ensure the security of your records? Stay reliable, ask the following questions, and execute on your scheduled disposition dates. A Quality Management System (QMS) refers to the sets of policies, procedures and other records that serves as a guide as to how a company delivers products and services. Sample to be tested 100% of each of the following record types: Leases Maintenance Contracts Etc. Organisational arrangements to support records management. Does the records retention schedule allow for easy records management and evaluation (ex: external audits)? All records containing personal information, or sensitive policy information should be made either unreadable or unreconstructable. Are you able to restore your information in case of a mishap, and if so, how long would restoration take? Have you considered  relevant  laws on federal, state/province, and local municipality levels that could affect your records management program and retention schedules? All text content is available under the Open Government Licence v3.0, except where otherwise stated. When creating these retention schedules, it is pertinent   to be aware of applicable legal standards and industry standards to make sure that your process not only adds business value, but also follows regulation. You should carry out regular exercises to identify, assess and manage records management risks. Want to learn more? RECORD Checklist (Word document) The RECORD Statement is now in press at Plos Medicine . To ensure you are operating within the guidelines, Restore have drawn up a checklist using ICO guidance to assist anyone involved with records management: Records management organisation: Your organisation needs to define and allocate records management responsibilities. Have you considered how to expand your RM program into the broader, information governance space? Do you perform regular Vitals Records Reviews? Have these audits been scheduled and implemented to occur on a periodic basis appropriate for your organization? At the end of it all we can't say it enough (so we'll reiterate once more): compliance stems from reliability. Please use this form to assess your office’s compliance with Baylor’s Records Retention and Archival Policy (BU-PP 038) so that you can evaluate your office’s current status and set goals for implementation. But  we'd like to make something very clear: proper records management is not about ''reaching compliance.' 2.12 Sufficient metadata is captured for electronic records to ensure that the record remains retrievable, interpretable, authentic and accessible over time. Both regular internal monitoring and external auditing are important to keep tabs on whether the process is being followed and where improvements can be made for increased efficiency and added business value. Does this training program  get reviewed and  updated regularly to stay current? Who is responsible for what in the records management process, and have they been given appropriate permissions? This can be part of a general policy or a standalone policy statement that is supported by specific records management procedures such as storage and maintenance or disposal of records. 1.1 Records management organisation. Do implemented audits  consider not only how records are being managed but also look at the overall process to consider what can be improved? Ask yourself the following questions: Have you written a classification scheme for  your records? A policy will address how records are used within your business in a consistent manner. This checklist covers recordkeeping requirements under the State Records Act and Standard on records management. Have you identified the business-critical information? After a simple, well documented process has been created, you must stick with it to truly ensure compliance. This review should identify what might go wrong with a process and why. For compliance, it's key to have set clear definitions around the  roles and responsibilities with your organization's records management so the process is carried out and executed smoothly. This includes simple questions to guide you through two important portions: creating a well-documented compliant process and taking necessary steps to make sure the program is followed.

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