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Evidence Based
The content and methods incorporated into ASI E-Learning are based on a proven and effective ASI training curriculum, results of training effectiveness studies conducted on ASI training methods, and Dr. Coyne and colleagues 20 years of experience providing training on the ASI in the addictions, mental health and criminal justice fields.
Based on Adult Learning Practices and Principles

The ASI E- Learning course format and functionality has also been based on, and guided by Evidenced Based Adult Learning Practices and Principles, e.g., goal setting, self directed learning, performance feedback, learning reinforcement, behavioral modeling, general principles and identical elements theory.

ASI E-learning's course design and functionality enables learners to create a self directed and self paced learning experience that best meets their individual learning style and needs in a way that traditional onsite training workshops doesn't.

Content is delivered, using text, audio, animations, video and scenario based learning.

Evidence Based - Proven Effective - Designed for Transfer