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Dr. Thomas Coyne
Developed By:

ASI E-Learning has been developed by Dr. Thomas H. Coyne, a nationally recognized trainer / adult educator in the addictions field. Dr. Coyne is one of the most, if not the most experienced trainer / educator in the country on the correct administration and application of the ASI. Dr. A. Thomas McLellan developer of the ASI, and currently the deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control and Policy considers him to be "the best trainer in the country on the correct administration and application of the ASI".

Dr. Coyne has based much of the content and methods incorporated into ASI E - Learning, on a proven and effective ASI training curriculum, results of training effectiveness studies conducted on ASI training methods, and his almost 20 years of experience training on the ASI in the addictions, mental health and criminal justice fields.

He received his doctorate from Columbia University in Adult Learning and Leadership, where he examined the "Learning Transfer Systems" of Community Based Treatment Programs. He continues to be involved in examining the systemic influences (individual, training design, and work environment characteristics) that influence learning, learning transfer, innovation adaptation, and treatment outcomes in community based organizations (CBO's), as well as designing evidenced based learning solutions that support learning transfer, and innovation adaptation.

He has long been an advocate of the use of evidenced based adult learning practices to implement evidenced based treatment practices.

Evidence Based - Proven Effective - Designed for Transfer