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Tracks Performance

How do you know, they know?

How do you know your ASI interviewers are administering the ASI correctly?
Do you want to know?

Substance abusing offenders are often required to undergo a comprehensive assessment of their substance abuse problems, after which they are referred or mandated to treatment based on the assessment. Once in treatment, and based in large part on the assessment a treatment plan is developed.


Offenders who relapse or fail to complete treatment often experience significant repercussions, including jail time. BUT... What if the assessment was not done correctly, leading to an incorrect treatment plan? Who should be held responsible? Who should go to jail? How do you (program director, supervisor, judge, district attorney, defense attorney, and probation or parole officer) know the assessment was done correctly? Do you want to know?

ASI E-Learning can track individual performance scores on all learning measures. ASI E-Learning can, and should be used for the ongoing evaluation of ASI interviewer knowledge and skills, especially for interviewers administering the ASI to clients involved in criminal justice system.

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