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Cost Effective
Cost Effective

ASI E-Learning's online environment greatly reduces time and costs associated with standard pre-training coordination, training delivery, and post training follow up.

Cost for training materials e.g., handouts, exercises, manuals, and evaluations can be downloaded directly to the learners computer, reducing the cost of printing, and contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Cost associated with travel, lodging, and meals are eliminated.

Improved Return On Investment (ROI)

Each time the ASI E Learning Course is accessed your return on your investment improves because you are dividing the fixed costs of the subscription not only by the number of users, but also by the number of times each user accesses the course.

ASI E-Learning may decrease cost associated with frequent staff turnover. Employees e.g., Social Workers, Counselors, and assessors want and need opportunities to grow. Wouldn't it be great, that during downtime employees could spend fifteen minutes learning to better administer the ASI, and interpret the data collected for patient placement decisions, diagnosis, and treatment planning. Providing opportunities to learn marketable skills may make your organization a place people want to stay, reducing the training cost associated with the high rates of staff turnover in the substance abuse treatment field.

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