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Dr. Coyne and his colleagues are among the most experienced and effective clinical adult educators in the country regarding the correct administration and application of the Addiction Severity Index ASI, the Comprehensive Adolescent Severity Inventory (CASI), Uniform Patient Placement Criteria [e.g., American Society of Addiction Medicines Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM-PPC), and Level of Care Utilization Services (LOCUS)], and the National Institute on Drug Abuse's (NIDA) Technology Transfer Package (TTP) on Relapse Prevention (RP).

Dr. A.Thomas McLellan, developer of the ASI considers Dr. Coyne to be the "Best Trainer in the country on the administration and application of the ASI". Dr. Coyne was also part of the original training team approved by NIDA to disseminate the NIDA Technology Transfer Package on Relapse Prevention - and the only member of that team who continues to disseminate the NIDA package and provide training on the two proven and effective relapse prevention approaches.

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